Mocha Studio – Game Engine


A large scale, multi-faceted, and feature heavy game engine.

Produced as part of a small team of 3, the Mocha Engine is my baby.  I worked as
technical lead on this massive project.

Mocha Engine supports 2D and 3D modes, advanced physics, sound modulation, complete asset pipeline, front-end scripting, a heavily parallelized back end, level streaming, and more.
Mocha Engine runs with a robust game editor that can be used to produce game logic and maps quickly and easily. Notable features include property inspection, asset management, performance visualization, input binding, in-built script editor, and animation editor.

My roles in this project were:
– Game Editor & All Tools
– Engine Architecture & Design
– Serialization (save/load/persistence/versioning/streaming)
– Back End System (Reflection, Core, Utils)
– Bug Tracking
– Binding and Implementation of the Scripting Language
– Interfacing with Artists and Designers using the engine to fine-tune it.


One of our designers, Chris Morris, using Mocha Studio to block out a level.

One of the early Physically Based Rendering Tests

2D version of Mocha Studio

2016-05-18 16_19_19-

Script Editor

2016-05-18 16_20_48-Mocha Engine

Animation Editor

2016-05-18 16_21_16-